The Mix log contains debug messages that may help you and the developers for recognizing and fixing errors.

  • Log disabled
    Do not log any messages. NOT recommended.
  • Log to console
    Log everything to the current console.
  • Log to directory
    Recommended option. Please enter a directory where the log file (which is named messages) should be stored. Most people will enter /home/mix/Mixproxy here.
  • Log to syslog
    If you have a running syslog daemon, you may use this option. Please not that then, only the messages in the current syslog log level will be printed.

Encrypted Log Certificate

You will only need this if you have something to hide in your logs, e.g. crime detection data. You do not need it for normal debug logs. Just leave this alone if you do not need it.


  • User name on execution
    Recommended: For security reasons, you may start the Mix as another user. Then your server will be protected from attackers that might hack your Mix. For example, you may type the value mix into this field. Then the Mix will start with the rights of the the user mix. This option does only work if you start the Mix as the root user.
  • Max. number of FDs
    This might be important if you are running a first Mix and have to handle a lot of users (more than thousand). Then you should allow enough system file descriptors for incoming connections.

    Recommended value: 4096

  • Max. number of users
    Limits the number of users that may use a cascade. This option currently only has an effect if you are a first Mix. (In the future, however, the first Mix may respect a user limit set by other Mixes in the cascade)
  • Run as daemon
    Recommended: You will need the Mix to run as daemon, so that the process does not stop when you close your login shell.

Traffic Shaping

These options do only have an effect if you have compiled your mix with the option --enable-user-bandwidth-limitation. They limit the users speed and latency.