Terms and Conditions Panel

This panel enables you to define standard terms and conditions for the usage of your Mix services. You may also use these terms for selling JonDonym coupon codes.

Typical usage

  • Load the currently available templates using the "InfoService..." button.
  • Add translations for the languages that you would like to support.
  • Click on the "Preview" button in order to see the template contents. Then choose the right template(s) for your jurisdiction.
  • Add the missing information about your organisation.
  • Select each of your translations, export each of the related templates into a file, copy these template files to your Mix server and edit the template paths so that they point to their paths on your Mix server.

If you have more than one Mix, you do not need to repeat all these steps: just click on "Load from config" to load the terms and condition settings from another one of your Mix configurations.


You may install one ore more templates for your terms and conditions. The templates contain complete terms and condition texts and are available for different languages and jurisdictions. If you have an online access, you may download the currently available templates from the InfoServices. You may also import them from a file.

The templates themselves will not be stored in your Mix configuration. The configuration stores only references to the template IDs, and a URI to the storage path of the template. For each template, you have to specify a URI where the Mix may get it from on startup. It is recommended that you store the template(s) that you want to use in a file on your Mix server, and that you specify the path to this file / these files for each respective template.

  • Delete
    Deletes the selected template.
  • InfoService...
    Loads all available templates from the InfoServices. The URIs for your templates that you have defined will not change if you reload them here.
  • File...
    Loads the templates of your choice from local files. You will not need this function if you can get a connection to the InfoServices (see above). The URIs for your templates that you have defined will not change if you reload them here.
  • Export
    Exports the selected template to a local file. This is highly recommended for the templates of your choice. Put these templates somewhere on your Mix server, so that the Mix has them always available. This option is only available if the template is loaded.


The translations are your concrete definitions of terms and conditions. They define the languages in which you will provide your terms and conditions to the users. You may edit the text of each translation and thereby change the template(s) so that they optimally fit to your needs. Note that the templates are available for a few languages and jurisdictions only. If you would like to have templates for other languages or other jurisdictions, you might want to create and publish them over the JonDonym system.

For each translation, a template exists. Please note that, if you select anther template in the template panel on the left side, your translation will immediatly change its content. You therefore should make a preview of your terms and conditions for each language before publishing it. Unlike the templates, switching between the languages/translations does not change anything in your configuration.

  • Language
    The language of the currently edited translation. You may switch between your different translations here.
  • Delete
    Deletes the selected translation and the changes that you have done to it.
  • Add
    Lets you choose the language for a new translation.
  • Default
    Sets the default language that the user gets shown if no translation for his language is available. Typically, you should not need this button and let the default staying on "english".
  • Preview (also allows you to save the document to a file)
    Shows the translation in an HTML document and allows you to save this translation to a file.

Operator description (general)

Some information that will be part of your terms and conditions are extracted from your Operator certificate. Please enter the missing information here. Please enter at least "Street", "ZIP/City" and "Venue". The other information is optional if you do not have it. The information given here will be the default for all translations.

Operator description in ...

For each translation, you may enter specific information about yu that will overwrite the general information if given. This might be a good idea for example for locations that are differently written in other languages.

  • Edit content
    This button opens an edit dialog. You may then delete, add and alter all sections and paragraphs of your terms and conditions. Please note that you should, before making any changes to the tempaltes, consult a lawyer.
  • Load from config
    Loads all translations from another Mix configuration. This is very useful if you do are running more than one Mix service.



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