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Abuse of AN.ON

Unfortunately, single users may sometimes abuse the AN.ON service for criminal or other malicious purposes. This is mostly possible due to a bad design of the attacked services. Nevertheless, we offer web site operators to block access from our system to their sites, or ask our operators to do that, respectively. If you want us to do that, please contact us and tell us the DNS names / IP addresses that should be blocked:


For the blocking we need a proof that you have the right to represent the mentioned addresses. In order to publicly check the blockings for justification, the complete list is published here.




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Einschränkungen bei den Dresden (JAP) Anonymiserungsservern
Nach reiflicher Überlegung haben wir uns entschlossen, die Downloadmöglichkeiten über die Dresden (JAP) Mixe etwas zu beschränken, um eine fairere Nutzung der knappen Ressourcen unserer Server für alle Nutzer zu ermöglichen, die einfach "normal" im Web surfen wollen. mehr...