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Dear JAP-User,

we are glad that you have decided to use the internet anonymously with our service. Furthermore, we thank you for taking part in this survey - It will only take 5 minutes ...

Please use JAP to fill in the questionnaire (You should see a smiling face to the left), because we don't want to collect any personal data. This questionnaire is therefore unsuitable for support-requests. Please use our Support pages if you have any questions about our service.

Of course you are free to answer only part of the questions. Just skip the ones you don't want to answer.

Your JAP Team

Question areas  
  User Statistics Overview
Gender:   male female
Age:   Years
Operating System:  
How would you describe your Internet expertise?
Beginner                 Professional
  JAP Usage Overview
I'm using JAP   
Frequency of JAP usage:  
Average duration:  
Why do you use an anonymity service?  
To stop my ISP from eavesdropping.
To stop Web servers from tracking my movements on the web.
No one should be able to make a personality profile on me.
For e-mail, so that my provider/boss can't read it.
To protect me from intelligence services.
To protect me from surveilance by the police.
Publishing/Free Speech
To write and read e-mail anonymously.
To express my opinion anonymously in discussion forums.
To attack other computers anonymously.
To access certain web sites that I can't read otherwise. (Due to a local filter.)
don't know
other reasons:   
Why do you use JAP?  
I don't know any other anonymity service.

Easier to use, because I don't need to type URL's into Webforms.
JAP is free.
JAP is faster.
JAP is more secure, because all transmitted data is encrypted.
JAP is more secure, because even the operators themselves are not able to spy on me.
JAP is available for all the operating systems that I use.
don't know
other reasons:   
  Paying for Anonymity? Overview
Other people make their livings from your answers ...
How much would you be willing to pay per month for Anonymity?
Nothing $2.50 $5 $7.50 $10 $12.50 $15
How important would an anonymous means of payment be for you?
It's very important to me.
I don't care.
Comfort is more important. Therefore I'd even register personally with the JAP-service.
Which rate of payment would you prefer?
monthly flat rate
pay per volume
pay per connectiontime
a combination of the above, e.g. always paying the lowest charge.
Which means of payment would you prefer/use?
credit transfer (or pay in anonymously)
Prepaid-Card (e. g. MicroMoney)
Bank Collection (direct debit)
Mobile Phone (e. g. PayBox)
Phone bill (calling 1-900 numbers)
Other anonymity services charge between 5 and 15 $ per month. Taking this into account, which of the following packets would you choose?
Packet Price/Month
   Web browsing only. Usage from within company networks isn't possible. $5
   Web and e-mail service with an unlimited number of pseudonym e-mail adresses. Including Proxy support for usage in office environments. $7.50
   Web, e-mail, and support for the Socks protocol (for Napster-like peer-to-peer filesharing services) $10
  Service Overview
Some questions that will help us improve our service.
This Website is :  
The Website should also contain information on:
The Website contains unnecessary information like:
The following should be emphasised:
What do you do, when you have questions/problems about/with JAP?  
Do you prefer support via     e-mail
How important is an immediate answer to support questions for you?  
How would you rate the current quality of service?
very bad                 very good

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Status of available AN.ON services and information about them.

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Restrictions for the Dresden (JAP) anonymisation servers
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