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Support AN.ON!

We use the money we receive for the further development of AN.ON.

For server operation of TU Dresden
(privately administrated, no donation receipts):

Participate in testing new features

If you participate in testing new features, you also give the project valuable help. Inconsistencies and annoying details often catch the normal user's eyes earlier that that of a developer.

Run your own MIX server

You may also support the project by running one or more MIX servers on your own. You will find a description of what to do here.

Help translating

Perhaps you are from a country for which no localisation for JAP exists yet? We would be glad if you could translate the program and/or the manual. You do not need to have any programming experience for that, it is quite easy and we would like to help you.

Help programming

There is an excellent new feature you have in mind for JAP? There is a bug that annoyed you for a long time? You would like to make an enhancement for JAP for your operating system or your web browser? Then do not hesitate to implement the code by yourself, JAP is open source and we will give you the support you need for that!

Help with support

You are very familiar with JAP? Then it would be nice if you participated in the user forum discussions with qualified and friendly postings, in order to help other users.

Thank you!
The JAP Team



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Beta Version


Status of available AN.ON services and information about them.

Aktuell / News

Restrictions for the Dresden (JAP) anonymisation servers
After careful consideration we have decided to restrict the size of downloads over the Dresden (JAP) mixes a little. The reason is to allow a more fair use of scarce resources of our servers especially for users who simply want to surf the Web. more...