New JAP release

During the next days, JAP's update function will automatically replace all old versions of AN.ON's anonymiser tool by the the new stable release 00.05.007 that, besides some major improvements in usability, provides some new interesting features:

Users of TOR , which is another popular anonymiser service, are now able to use JAP as software access point. They only need to register JAP as SOCKS proxy in the application they want to be anonymised. Alternative installation procedures for TOR are somewhat more difficult.

JAP now solves the problem that governments of many non-democratic states (China, United Arab Emirates, ...) are blocking internet access to AN.ON for their people. You must know that AN.ON often is the only way for those people to contact dissident sites like Amnesty International that are blocked, too. By activating the new AN.ON Peer to Peer Forwarding Technology, JAP users are now able to donate a part of the bandwitdh of their anonymous connection for other internet surfers to defend the freedom of the world wide web.

Older versions of the software won't be supported any more.



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